Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sometimes It Can Be All Black And White

Hello again. Today I have something that I put together for a very special occasion. Friday night was the 18th Street Fashion Show in Kansas City. This has turned into Mother/Daughter night out with my youngest and I. The theme of the fashion show this year was Gilded Summer. This show is a combination of art-wear and street-wear. I decided not to compete with all the color and splendor, and went totally in black and white, including my nails. 

I started out by putting two coats of Zoya's Christina which is a white shimmer. I did a test sample with a white cream and decided the shimmer gave me the results I wanted. 

Knowing that I needed really straight lines, I went for my black Stripe-Rite. I do much better with the brush in the Stripe-Rite bottles than a nail art brush when it comes to straight lines. 

I made a dot at the very top center of my nail and dots where my nail plate ended at the sides. These dots gave me compasses to aim when I painted on my black lines.

Once the black dried (and it dries very quickly), I carefully filled in with Hard Candy's Black Tie Optional. It is about the only glitter I like in their new collection, but one this I will use a lot. 

I finished off with a coat of Seche Vite and I was good to go. 

The Line Up: Hard Candy's Black Tie Optional, Zoya's ChristinaStripe-Rite Black, and Seche Vite

That's it this time. So until next time, I hope today brings you a beautifully polished life.......Terri

Just a little something extra

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