Friday, June 14, 2013

Gabriel's Hibiscus


Today I have beautiful Hibiscus by Gabriel Organics. I picked this up earlier this week at Susanne’s, a very nice organic health shop. I was actually window-shopping for some vegan mineral makeup and was pleasantly surprised to see nail polish.

Gabriel's cosmetics are vegan and cruelty free. Their products carry the Leaping Bunny logo. The company also received a certified organic rating from the USDA.

Back to the polish; Hibiscus is a glossy coral pink cream with a nice consistency and goes on smoothly. It only took two coats to have it looking great. I was also impressed on how quickly it dried. Hibiscus has a beautiful rich look to it.

There are only 18 polishes in the Gabriel line, but it is a nicely curated palette. I already know which one I am getting next (Manta Ray)! They are $8.50, which to me is reasonable for their quality. They can be found at better organic stores, including Whole Foods. 

I enjoyed going to their web site and looking around. Products can be ordered directly from them with free shipping for $50.00 and over orders.

So, does anyone else have any experience with Gabriel products? I would like to know what you think about them.

Personally, I would recommend this polish to my friends. I have been trying to mainly purchase cosmetic products that are cruelty free. For me, this line is top drawer without the exorbitant price. 

Again, this polish is cruelty free. 

That's it this time. So until next time, I hope today brings you a beautifully polished life.......Terri

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