Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fall Polish Choices

Its time for a blog post. I have a few photos piling up and so here's a few that I have been wearing. Some of these have already been on my Fashion Blog but sometimes the posts on Meadowtree Style get so long that I just don't want to any something else. None of these colors are "just releases" because I was on a polish no buy for about a year. So here we go................

Nubar's Forest. Forest is from their Going Green collection. Unfortunately, Nubar has fallen on hard times and is no longer producing polish. Fortunately, Amazon has an amazing amount of Nubar for sale.

Dollish Polish's The Witching Hour was from the 2016 A Box Indie. I got it from a stash sale on Facebook. Although meant for Halloween, with its green base I love it for Fall in general.

Can I say anymore about a england? I so love any thing Adina makes. This is Briarwood from her Burne-Jones Dream collection.

I have this Nubar on at the moment. It is Vino from their Venetian Glass series. I have the whole set and have decided that this is the month to try to wear at least half of this collection.

This is Surreal Sunset by Fingerpaints which is found at Sally's Beauty and we all probably have one of those near us somewhere. Isn't this a great duochrome. It goes from pink to gold to bronze-amazing!

Sometimes I just have to double up! This Dazed by Cult Nails topped by Laser Jet by Cirque.

And finally, a great one from Rainbow Honey. This is Kawako from their first Yokai collection. Its been around for awhile but I hope they still have it. Their shop is closed until after Christmas.
That's it for this time around-just wanted to share some of the stash with you. I've started buying a few polishes again after taking a year off and just sent my third polish box to a local women's shelter. I do this rather than send bottles into Zoya during their Earth Day sale. I always get a plastic $1 box and make sure I have a new bottle of polish remover and cotton balls to go along with the polishes. 

One of my boxes

That's it for this blog this time around and so take care and enjoy your colors!


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