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August '13 Nail Journal #1-Life After A Broken Nail-10 Polishes Of Fun

August '13 Nail Journal #1
Life After A Severely Broken Nail
Tearing Through The Polishes

The next month with be just single colors. With the exception of foils and metallics,  I add some type of topper if possible. I want to distract from the one nail that is incredible short.

Hashtag from the new Jenna Hipp "What's Hot" mini collection. I love this color. It has a brightness and cleanness about it. 

On day 2 I changed the look up with Color Club's Snowflakes from the 2012 Winter Affair Collection. Snowflakes is a flakie top coat. On top of Hashtag it flashed orange and gold. It did not take a great picture but the look was very nice and I got a few complements. So I guess that the Winter Affair can also be a Summer Fling. 

Jenna Hipp's Freshmaker: again from the new Jenna Hipp "What's Hot"mini collection

Changing it up with a top coat of Nfu-Oh #54-I don't need to talk about Nfu-Oh flakies;don't need to say anything, it's Nfu-Oh
Modern Romance by Essence-part of their Colour & go series. I really like this line. The price is right and the brushes are wonderful. The bottle caps match the polish which is another plus. This particular shade was a bit thin but not bad. Modern Romance is a light peach with a pink shimmer, really quite lovely
Changing it up with Sakura Matsuri by Rainbow Honey. Sakura Matsuri is the namesake of the collection.

This is a base coat of Son Of A Gun, the first Ulta lacquer that I bought (in January-probably something psychological about me picking orange at the beginning of winter.  In the end, it is just a average orange cream.

Changing it up with an OPI vintage classic, Man Of La Mancha.  La Mancha was part of their 2003 Holiday On Broadway collection.
This one is not 3 free. Anything before '04 isn't going to be. 

And I wore two single coats. this first one I needed to do something with but it was the first polish on after I broke the nail and I really wasn't in the mood.  The metallic shimmer needed nothing else. 

And I love this shade by Cosmetic Arts. It's a branch of Color  Club and has no name. In my stash I call it
 #14-Deep Lilac Metallic Shimmer

All of these polishes are cruelty free. The OPI was made before December, 2010.

That's it.

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