Sunday, March 30, 2014

Of Up-cycled Manis, Great Music And Art

Finally, this is my last transfer from The Meadowtree Journal. Yea!  This post was originally published 3/25/13.

Spruce Springsteen with a layer of gold sandwiched between
My nail designs are usually connected with something I am wearing or somewhere I am going. 
Up-cycle didn't start out that way, but that's how it ended. 

My beginning nail color started off as a multi purchase from an Indie polish maker on ETSY. I bought five minis from Huemorisa, three colors that were part of a set called Enchanted Garden and two others that I threw in.

One of the "throw ins" was a green polish with orange micro glitter named Spruce Springsteen. The name alone made me want it. 

The polish was much more vibrant on the Internet. For me, it kind of died when I put it on. So here comes Up-cycle #1. I pulled out Wet N' Wild's The Gold and the Beautiful for a third layer and then did another layer of Spruce. This I liked. I carried the gold idea out a little more by swiping  gold on the fingertips. 

Then came our art and music night. So I just added to the gold design. And there is my Up-cycle #2. It was a great night and I will always remember those nails because of it. 

A triangular fan shape? I have to admit, I like gold in my designs.
The line up: Seche Vite top coat, Wet N Wild's The Bold and the Beautiful, Huemorista's
Spruce Springsteen, and LA Color's Topaz for the tip ends and triangular design's

Part of the musical lineup was Betsy Ellis and Mikel Shapiro, two very talented women.

Some of Rachelle's work was up.

 Rachelle in front of more of her fiber work.
You can't tell, but she is wearing Koi Pond by Rainbow Honey. It is a gorgeous glitter but is now discontinued.

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