Monday, April 28, 2014

Warming Up A Cool Spring

It has been A pretty cool (and sometimes downright cold) Spring here in Missouri. To counteract the weather, I have been pulling some bright and cheerful oranges from my collection.

When the day is dreary, I hit the oranges. Here are three I have worn lately. 


Rimmel's Hot Chile Pepper-This has to be the brightest red orange I have. This will wake you up in the morning. It did take longer than 60 seconds to dry. I did get good coverage with one coat. This is the one cream in the group and I found it at Wall-Mart for $1.50. Hot Chile Pepper is definitely the bargain polish of the group. 

Zoya's Myrta-Myrta was part of Zoya's 2012 Surf collection. I picked it up last year during their 1/2 price sale for Earth Day. Myrta is a soft orange coral foil. It is really is a beautiful one and would be good for all year. 

Ozotic's 730-This has to be one of the most beautiful polishes that I own. 730 is a pink/orange duochrome. I picked this particular photo because the bottle is perfectly delineated with the two colors. 

If I had realized that Ozotic was going to be discontinued, I would have gotten two bottles. I am going to be one sad lady when this one runs out. I keep hunting for possible dupes, but so far, nothing even comes close.  

The link to Zoya's site is HERE.

That's it for now................. 

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