Monday, June 23, 2014

Pink, Pink, And Pink

There was a time in my life when I would not be caught in pink. It seems I am making up for it now, at least in polish. There were some wonderful pinks that came out this year. Here are three that really caught my eye.


Cult Nail's Angel Whisper

When I saw the samples of Angel Whispers this Winter, I knew my first Cult Nails order was not far off. As part of their Passionate Dreams collection, Angel Whispers has three things going on: texture, massive shimmer (light teal, lavender and maybe a pink), and delicate but matte finish color. This reminds me of a reserved Zoya Pixie Dust which makes it a lot more versatile than Pixie Dust. This is at least a three season polish. I don't know if I would wear it for Fall but the other seasons it a big go. I really like this one. It can be purchased from the Cult Nails Website which has free shipping at $24. Cult Nails is Cruelty Free. 

Hard Candy's Piece Of Papaya

Piece Of Papaya is a warm pink with a hint of orange and is packed with gold shimmer. It almost looks metallic because of it. Papaya came out in 2013 and is part of Hard Candy's Itzy Glitzy collection. I think this would be a great color for summer pedicures. It is only found at larger Wall-Marts and is $4. Hard Candy is cruelty free. As much as I hate shopping at Wall-Mart, Hard Candy keeps calling me back.

Zoya's Lux

Lux is part of Zoya's new Pixie Dust series that they brought out this Spring. Lux is a light rose pink and in sunlight it almost looks silver (to my eyes at least). This is probably a result of all the holos flashing on such a light color.

Lux has larger glitter than the original Pixie Dust. As you can see some of it is also holographic. This is probably why at times it doesn't look too pink (as mentioned before). Lux makes for a very glitzy look. For me, this is a great special occasion polish. I wore it to a wedding which it is very suited for. Zoya has released three new Magicals for the summer. You can view them HERE. Zoya is cruelty free.

 Ever since signing up with the 40+ bloggers, I have tried to show that us "Advance Style" ladies can use our polish to help create our style. 

With the exception of  the vintage gold mesh belt, I played it pretty classic at a family wedding. Zoya's Lux really sparkled against this backdrop.

This is just a few things I have been up to with my nails and style. That it for this time. Until the next, take care.  


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