Monday, December 8, 2014

Bellaluna Cosmetics-Swatches and Review

Hello Everyone on this December Monday. For today, I have three polishes (and some extra designs) from the new Indie Bellaluna Cosmetics. These lacquers are handcrafted by Samantha Garland who has established her shop on ETSY.

I personally purchased these during my Black Friday and Cyber Monday hunting expedition. 

First up, I have Belle Of The Ball.

Belle Of The Ball is an emerald Green with copper shimmer. The green and copper was too hard to resist. Belle Of The Ball is of a thinner consistency. Although two coats probably would have worked, I added a third. It goes on smoothly without any streakiness and dries to a satin finish. And I will make a note here that all lacquers were used with a base-coat. No top coats were used except where specified.

Wanting to see what Belle Of The Ball looked with a high gloss, I put a top coat of Wicked Fast (Cult Nails) on it. And it is gorgeous with a high shine. Can we say perfect for Christmas.

I love the way the green reacts differently in this macro. Some of it seems to come across as blue-green. 

And Now I have Cinnamaspice

This one fooled me. When I saw it in the bottle, it was, "well that's nice". But when I got it one, it was,"WOW!". This is hands down my favorite of the three. It just glows!

Cinnamaspice is a brown jelly base with deep gold hex glitters, gold dust and some gold added in for good measure. And, as far as I am concerned,  it adds up to spectacular. 

Cinnamaspice was opaque enough with two coats, but I added a third for the fun of it. 

I need to say nothing about this one

These two seemed to be quite suited for Christmas, so I did a very simple quick Christmas tree and decorated it with a rhinestone and some coppery StripeRite.

Merry Christmas

And finally, I have Winter Blizzard

This is the dark lady of the group but there is so much lurking under her surface. Winter blizzard is multi colored shimmer floating around in a black jelly base.
It can be used by itself, as I have. Or it can be used as a topper. If used by itself I recommend using least three coats. 

Just wanted to do a bottle shot for this one, it is so pretty.
I thought a Winter Blizzard called for some silvery icicles.

 I do wish the bottles were labeled. Bellaluna, at this time comes with cute white tags tied on the bottles. They got in my way and I took them off. Knowing me, I will probably lose them.

This is a nice premiere collection and I am happy with my three selections. With the thirteen polishes that Bellaluna offers, I feel there is something for everyone. The polishes are priced at $8.50 which is an average price for Indies. Again, Bellaluna Cosmetics can be found on ETSY.

That's a wrap for this visit. Until we see each other again, take care. And being the beginning of the season, take a few deep breaths and some time for yourself. ............TerriG

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  1. Oh wow, gorgeous lacquers!!! I love your nil arts too :D