Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Short On Time But Want Design? Let Minx Do The Wrapping

*Product Review*

I was given the chance to try out Minx nail wraps. Minx hit the scene during 2006 and has been working with celebrities, designers and professional nail salons. 

Through Beauty Connection, individuals can now get Minx nail wrap designs. I received the Snowflake design to use and review.

These wraps are metallic and beautiful, but they are not very elastic. I have very rounded nail beds and an almond design nail shape. I think these definitely would work better with a longer and square nail design. 

I don't think I did that good of a technical job.
I have had very limited experience with nail wraps. I used one for an accent nail a couple of years ago. But I think it is like anything in life, a little more practice and my technique would improve.

Each set includes 16 wraps

The instructions are complete and easy to follow

These would make a great Christmas gift for someone who likes nail art but is not too handy with the brush. They are above and beyond what you find at the drugstore.

Minx has some beautiful designs and I think a high quality product. "Minxing" is a lot quicker than spending two hours painting your own nails and a lot cheaper than what I suspect one would have to pay a nail tech to do this. Again, you can find them at The Beauty Collection, which is a Los Angles based beauty boutique. 

That literally and figuratively wraps this one up. Until we meet again, take care.



  1. I got frustrated by applying most of the wraps that cane along my path. I do like this design though!

  2. I don't mind doing accent nails,then it doesn't get me so frustrated .❄️❄️❄️