Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sparkly Chocolate Candy Corn

The real reason for this post is I need a photo of my Dear Russ glitter. I am making a visual record of my entire stash on Pinterest and there is no picture for Glitter Shade Shift 96 anywhere on the web. And that is some name, huh? But it is a beautiful polish. 96 has various sizes of red orange and gold glitters in a pink looking base. It makes for a great fall glitter. And I think it ties in great with Halloween. I am thinking chocolate candy corn.

Dear Russ, as the best as I can make out, was a Korean Indie. Because of family issues they closed up shop a year ago. That happened just after I got three of their polishes from Llarowe. 

I first painted my nails with Impala's Conqueiros. This is a gorgeous darker orange shimmer. I also purchased my Impala from Llarowe. Now it looks like Amazon is the place to get it.

Next came the gradient using Spa Ritual's Can You Dig It? on the thumb, middle and small finger and Zoya's Codie on the pointer and ring finger. Finally,  I topped everything off with a coat of my Dear Russ. 

I need photos of the other two Dear Russ polishes, but will do them after Halloween.

 So there you go. Hope you like my chocolate candy corn nails. Take care and think Shiny. 


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