Monday, April 15, 2013

My Unplanned Obsession

My pre-obsession polish line up, representing about ten years. The pink Revlon is probably that old and goes on like sludge. The China Glaze would be impressive, except I had never opened the bottles after purchasing them three years ago. It took a while to even locate all of them as they were in different drawers and cabinets. 

When friends would ask me what I was going to do once I retired (which officially happened July 1st of this year), I gave expected answers. One answer that NEVER occurred to me was, "and I am going to become obsessed about nail polish and nail design."

Nails had always been a hassle. Keeping my nails as short as possible and constantly washing my hands was my plight as an art teacher. 

Today's blog chronicles the beginning and continuation of this unexpected interest. So let me begin...


Last June, my daughter Michelle announced she was not getting me stuff for my Birthday. There was nothing I needed, the truth indeed. Rather than stuff, she was scheduling two appointments: one for my hair and one for a Pedi. Of course, I groused. This attitude continued upon my arrival through Salon 529's doors in Joplin, Missouri. I actually had to drive two hours to get a present that I didn't think I needed!

 Justin, her hair stylist blew me away with his technique and he actually took a few years off me by with the new cut. Then came the Pedi. The stylist asked if I wanted polish. This was my last chance to be a pain, so I said something to the effect, "I want some kind of bronze orange".  To my amazement, he brought back a bottle that my color loving heart fell in love with. I had no idea what color or brand it was, but it look great on my toes! Not thinking of asking the salon what brand they used, I searched for that color throughout the Summer.

 My sister gave me an important lead. "OPI", she said, "I usually find what I want in OPI". OPI?-Yes, I had never heard of OPI. And with that I found my color. It was Clubbing Till Sunrise from the South-Beach collection. I now have it in my collection thanks to Amazon. 

Incident #2

I teach fiber related workshops and taught a color theory class last September. Samples had been created for all color relationships, but a Diad. A Diad is two hues with one hue between them (on the color wheel). Violet and red orange are a Diad. Not having a Diad sample bothered me. On the way to the venue, I Stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up some water and walked by the nail polish. There was Pure Ice (at only $1.98 a bottle) in all its glorious colors, including a tint of violet and an red-orange. My dilemma was solved. That moment cemented for what is now a love of color and design on my toes and fingers!

Last Extra
Here is my first nail art. I did this for Thanksgiving. It's not great, but it worked for me and it is the first. Just took my phone a snapped.
 base coat - Stroke  of Midnight- L'Oreal,
 dots-Metallica - Wet n Wild,
 glitter- Beeware-Pure Ice. 

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