Saturday, November 2, 2013

Gray Suade Re-post

Here is another transfer from Meadowtree Journal-This was originally published on 2/25/2013

It was symphony time again Saturday night. Here's the nails I did for it. I wore the same LBD. I guess it is my official symphony going dress. Everything I wore with it was either gray, silver, and black. I wanted understated nails to go with it. 

My Holo looks pretty ragged, but it is much used.

I first put on a base coat of Stroke Of Midnight by L'Oreal. On top is one of my favorites Holo by Mentality. It's hard for me to leave the tips alone when I'm dressing up and picked My Pointe Exactly by OPI, a mini from NYC Ballet Petite collection.

At the first glance, my fingernails just look a silvery gray. But, Holo being what it is, reflects a multitude of colors, depending on the undercoat and what kind of light it is in. That's it for this time.

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