Friday, December 20, 2013

A Simple Idea For A Holiday Mani

This is a transfer post from The MeadowTree Journal. It was originally published 12/21/12.

This is one of the first ideas I came up with when I was first became interest in nail polish and design. I chose Burgundy Frost and Sparked. I think the scarf I was wearing at the time influenced me. That is why I took a picture of the mani with my scarf which I knitted for myself a few years ago. 

I have always been fascinated by repeat and variation. And this design is a repeat of the one I did for Thanksgiving with different colors and with some of the surface matted. 

 I am now a fan of Hard Candy's Matte-ly In Love. If I could compare it to an interior paint finish, I would say it dries to an eggshell finish. Everything but the dots was finished in this matte effect. I went back over the dots again so they would be shiny and stand out. I like the contrast with the play of light. 

I did this for the holidays and it is  probably not something I would wear normally, but it was fun to create. And it really goes with my scarf!

Polishes Used 

Base Coat-Burgundy Frost by Wet N' Wild
Glitter Section-Sparked by Wet N' Wild
Matte Top Coat-Matte-ly In Love by Hard Candy

Dots (put on with dotting tool) Outrageous by Pure Ice

The line up-I got the dotting tools from Ebay for about $2. And I think they will have more uses than with just nails.  I want to see if they will work with thicken dyes on cloth. 
Have a peaceful day and take some time for yourself.

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