Monday, October 13, 2014

Donatella Has Tanlines-Two From Floss Gloss

My title is a tad dorky, but these polishes go together so well, I had to write it!

This is a nail design using Tanlines and Donatella by Floss Gloss.  I am just one of the legions of fans of this brand.

Quick Notes About These Two Colors


Tanlines is a tan with a pink overtone. Floss Gloss describes it as "pinto bean brown".  It is a thick cream that could be a one coater if wanted. 

It is the prettiest, in fact a stand out from the other tans I own. 

I got out my tan toned colors and you can see how Tanlines really stands out from the colors I own.  Tea And Toast is the only one that also has that richness, but with a lot darker tone. 


Donatella is one of Floss Gloss's latest creations. It is one part of the three part set "Life Styles Of The Floss And Gloss".

Donatella, to me, is a rich caramel cream with copper and gold flakies. It is a beautiful color indoors but in natural sunlight the copper really stands out. 

A little closer view of those flakies

Floss Gloss is the creative brainchild of Janine Lee and Aretha Sack, two art students out of San Francisco. Their lacquer quality (color and technical), packaging and presentation is just top drawer.  The Lookbook on their website is a visual feast. It is an incredibly fun company to follow on IG.

Right now my Floss Gloss sticker is on one of my Yoga bricks. For no more than I use them, it is good for a while. 

Well, that is this for this time, so until the next, take care...........Terri

P.S.  Floss Gloss is Cruelty Free and "5 free", so needless to say it is Mr. BB approved.

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  1. I'm not really a fan of tans. The Donatella is very pretty! And love your nail art!