Friday, October 10, 2014

Two From Ruby White Tips

This post is very overdue. In fact, it is one year over due. At this point, neither of these polishes are available. But I am going ahead with it. Because, believe me there is more beautiful polish where these two came from.

Ruby White Tips is an Indie polish company started by Laura Toff and residing at ETSY.

Last year I decided to try RWT's Mystery Box. I thought it would be fun. For $15.25 (+ some shipping) Laura will send you at least two polishes and a few goodies. 

Well, rather that just giving her a color, I decided to send a story board and see if she would be OK with it. In the three images there were tons of shades represented and I was going to probably be happy with about any of them because I was going more for a mood than a color. 

Laura was game and sent me two gorgeous fall polishes, a dotter tool, two emery boards and a polish bracelet (which I have not done a thing with yet).

The Polish Low Down 

Harvest Maize

Harvest Maize was part of RWT's Fall '13 lineup. It fitted perfectly with the ancient coin on my inspiration page. 

Harvest Maize is a rich antique brass tone with grey/violet undertones. It is chalked full of micro glitter and hits me as a metallic but without the streakiness  that usually comes with a metallic. Well, that is at least how my eyes see it.

Scarlet Sienna

To me, Scarlet Sienna does burning embers justice. This is a red/orange shimmer and I was never sure if it was from a previous release or a prototype. I couldn't actually find it on the ETSY store. However, I do know it is a stunner.

Adding A Little Extra

I found Esmaltes da Kelly's The Forgotten on clearance at Llarowe this summer. When I saw it I knew it would be the perfect match for Harvest Maize.

 Here is a little Halloween mani I did using Scarlet Sienna. The thumb and pinkie have a top coat of China Glaze's Get Carried Away.

Go check out Laura's current line up on ETSY. Especially check out Man Eater and Misfit Toys; truly classics. 

Or just go for it! Get the Mystery Box. You will not be disappointed. That's it for this time around, so until next time...........take care, Terri


  1. Stunning lacquers! Love the combo you've made with Harvest Maize and The gorgeous!

  2. "Stunning" is a great word to describe Ruby White Tip's polishes. I am probably going to order some more next month. Esmaltes da Kelly is a brand I have wanted to try for a long time. She also has a color called "Wolfsbane" that I really want to try.