Monday, January 5, 2015

Three From Cult Nails:Subline, Inescapable and Wanna Be

Cult Nail came out with their  I'm Not Gone, Girl I'm Here! Collection last October.  

When I saw Wanna Be, I knew that for that polish alone, this was a collection that would soon find a home in my stash.

Wanna Be

For me this is the star of the group. Wanna Be is a muted red/pink tone with copper and gold glitter. It is an ever changing lacquer, depending on the angle and lighting. The beauty of this one can't be shown in just one photo.

The gold and copper are prominent

The pink comes through a little more in this one

I like how the gold is framed by the pink in this shot

Macro Time

Inescapable is a brown jelly with copper/pink shifting glitter. The glitter is larger and makes this one quite a show stopper. 

The pink shows up in prominence below.

I was playing around with a mirror shot for this next one. For some reason, the name of the polish made me want to try something a tad different.

Sublime can be best described as an red with orange overtones. It is still too red to be called red-orange and is a very strong color. 

That's a wrap for this round. These three polishes are a group worth buying. If I had to go with just one, I would go with Wanna Be. I now have twenty two Cult Nails. Did anyone else get this collection and which is your favorite? I really am interested in what people like.

I have raved about them so much that my daughter took Inescapable home to wear for a while. I sort of have a lending polish library for my two daughters. They don't complain!

Take care until we meet again, Terri

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