Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pick N Mix #15-Pink, Aqua and Dotting Tools

 Hello Everyone, 

Week 15 of The Pick N Mix Challenge is here with pink, aqua and dotting tools.


 I used two pinks, two aquas, a inky blue base with a special matte/glitter topper.I love projects where I can use a bunch of colors and brands. This was certainly one of those.

I started out with a big dot of East Austin at the top of my nail and then went from there with contour dotted lines. This is a very straight forward design, just follow the dots!

From Left To Right: Orly's Fancy Fuchsia, Mineral Fusion's Lagoon, Milani's Ink Spot, Color Club's East Austin, My-Stash's Shaken Not Stirred, and Jenna Hipp's Freshmaker.

That's what I did for this round. this link up is a dual one. There are two challenges with this code. So doubly enjoy! Until we meet again, take care.

And here is my IG photo, if you follow me there. I really like rectangles, but squares are the thing over there.