Sunday, January 11, 2015


 Unfortunately, Gloss48 is closing up shop (4/18/15).

Hello Friends, Today is another post where the "B" in B'Nails =Beyond Nails.

Teadora, one of my favorite Indie brands is being featured on Gloss48. If you are not familiar with Gloss48, it is an online boutique that features the newest and best Indies out there. I haven't shopped on Gloss48 before yesterday. Has anyone else been a regular customer?

I actually got this trio from  Haute Look which is like Gloss48 but does not specialize 100% in Indies

For one week, a feature brand will be featured at considerable mark downs as an introduction to Gloss48 members. After the week, the brand is added to the online shop.

One of the first perks is a $10 discount on my first order. I had to sign up to become a member which has no strings attached. Most of us are used to this. A lot of online boutiques work this way now.

I used my $10 to order more Teadora. I love both Rainforest At Dusk and Rainforest At Dawn. I was lacking the "Dusk" products I wanted and this fixed me up. The introductory sale will last for about three more days. 

Admittedly, I am not familiar with a lot of the brands on Gloss48. But I think it is a way to educate myself on the Indies (Nail polish included) out there.

Gloss48 always gives a bit of info on the company and why they were chosen.

Well, that it. This was just a quick little post. Go check out Gloss48, if nothing more than window shopping. 

Mostly being a nail blogger, I wanted to get an idea of the scope of Indie polish that is featured on Gloss48. Gloss48 featured lacquers are: Gelliebeans, Authority Cosmetics, Beauty For Real, Evolve, LVX, Cupcake Polish (but at this time is totally out of stock), Alter Ego Nail Enamel (I have some of hers), Spellbound Nails, LYNB Designs, Black Dahlia Lacquer (another one that I have), Poshinality, Sweet Heart Polish, Super Chic Lacquer (aka Wonder Beauty Products on ETSY), Hoopla, Francomatic Nails, Different Dimension, Little Nail Girl Lacquer, Philly Loves Lacquer, Literary Lacquer, Mint Polish, My Sirens Call, Floss Gloss (have just a few of these babies). Whew! that is quite a list!

Until probably Tuesday (#16 Pick N Mix), take care and happy shopping and window shopping. 

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