Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pick N Mix-Geometrical Design With Blue, Green and Yellow

Hello on the cold, cold Sunday. Or at least it is here. It's 23* with a strong wind chill...Brrrrrrr. I haven't been out yet but need to feed my ducks and chickens. My darling husband did a big favor for me and fed my Alpacas<3.

On with the challenge. I am very late with it this week and almost didn't do anything. But I hate being a quitter and someday I may quit but I guess not today.

The promps were geometrical nails with green, blue and yellow. Mondrian had been back in my mind all week. I did try some stamping but didn't like it. Out came the paint brushes. 

I know that Mondrian has been done a lot, but this is my Mondrian! 

I used four polishes on this one. The base is Color Club's Look Don't Tusk.  The fill in colors are Illamaqua's Radium, Cult Nails' You're My Dandelion and Cult Nails' Nakizzle's Sizzle.

Here is one of Mondrian's later styles. I don't know if most people are familiar with this softer more painterly style that he later developed. When I would teach Mondrian to my 1st graders, I would always start out with the more recognized styles and then would finish up with some paintings of this style. 

 Sticking this one here so I can grab it for IG

So there you go, #21 is done! Take care and stay 



  1. very beautiful and unique- I love it <3

  2. Lovely. Also has a mod stained glass look.

  3. Thanks, I actually like these three colors together.