Friday, February 20, 2015

Honolulu-Road Tripping With Bonne Belle

 Hello and good Friday morning! I bet everyone is ready for the weekend to begin so I am giving you a road trip today.

This is part one of a eight part series. Bonne Bell makes eight lacquers. The set includes four creams and four shimmers with each having the name of some vacation destinations (all in warm climates!). across the USA and her territories. I was greedy and bought them all and love each one. So they have inspired this travel series.

Back in the day, Bonne Bell was very popular and everywhere. Over the years, I thought Bonne Bell had gone by the wayside. Of course, this was because I failed to notice Target's end-cap of Lip Smackers! I just didn't pay attention.

Last October, I was in my favorite grocery store in Joplin, Missouri and decided to check out the cosmetics. There was a full selection of Bonne Bell, complete with eight polishes! The price for the polish was so reasonable that, as I mentioned earlier, they all came home with me. And that started me thinking about this virtual road trip.

We are going to start out in Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu is a Hibiscus red cream that has a touch of red orange. It has just the right of amount of bright for me and makes me cheerful. 

The formula was just the right amount of thickness and I had an opaque polish in two coats. This picture does make me sad. This is before I broke two of my nails and had to go to a different look. I am working on getting this shape back. I really like the way it looks.

Working with the red-orange, I wanted to see how a yellow Nfu-Oh flakie would work with the base color. This is #42 and it has some yellow-orange in it. The two meshed perfectly, I might say beautifully to my eyes. The red in the polish also effects the top coat with some sparks of yellow orange. The experiment got an A from me. 

I think everyone else is making Flakies now because Nfu-Oh discontinued their line and everyone finally decided they just could live without Flakies. That IMO, of course!

And finally the nail art. I am a hand painter and did a white flower with orange and details to set it of from the polish. I also have a printing plate that has a Hibiscus. And MoYou's London's Kitty-02 plate had Hibiscus flowers also. So if you don't feel comfortable wielding a brush, the stamping community has come to your rescue. 

I couldn't just stop at the store and went to the Bonne Bell's website and ordered some things. Needless to say, the web site has a lot more stuff than Price Cutter could carry. I especially liked their Heritage page. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, because I have seven more to go! Is there anyone out there "of the age" that remembers Bonne Belle like I do? Does your independent grocery store have Bonne Belle like Price Cutter in Joplin?  I would love to hear from people on this one. 

A Little Extra-Lip Smackers for adults

The lip smackers at Target has flavors such as Dr. Pepper, lemon this, and chocolate that. But I like my Lip Lacquers. I have Mai Tai and Bahama Breeze-much more to my taste!

That's all for this time around and until we meet again, take care and stay warm!


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