Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pick N Mix-Purple and Hearts

Hello, this is a busy week. I think this is post #3 for me this week. I guess Valentine week will do that for you. 

Today is the 20th edition of the Pick N Mix and the theme is Purple and hearts. This must be a nod to Valentine Day.

I went for hand painting again. I turned my hearts into notes and added a few dots.

I used one of my favorite Indie Brands, Signet Nails for the base coat. This is one of her new releases, Violet Femme. Violet Femme is a lavender sheer jelly base with flashes of amethyst shimmer.

A closer look at Violet Femme (used in another mani).

My thumb-I wanted to see if I could paint a Treble clef.

The other colors that I used were L.A. Colors Reckless and Stripe Rite Silver.

That wraps this session up and so until I am here again, take care...............................Terri

And as usual this is a link up so check out the other cool Valentine manis below.  


  1. This is so unique! The music lover in me loves this.

  2. Thank you, I thought about sending love notes and that led to sending heart notes.

  3. very beautiful design, this blue is awesome!
    I am happy I found you blog ;)