Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love Is In The Air-Favorite Technique

I am taking part in the "Love Is In The Air" Nail Challenge. Today's theme is our favorite nail art technique. I picked a jelly sandwich. I think I get more bang for my buck when I do this. I can used a lot of different glitters together and can make a subtle but pretty cool look (OK, that's IMO)!

 My main base polish is Kiss Off by Signet Nails. Lauren did this as part of a trio for an anti-love set. 

I almost won the contest naming this one, which is why I have a bottle. Lauren is a sweetie. She sent me this bottle and then took my suggestion (Tainted Love) and created a beautiful blue jelly which I now own!

Kiss Off is a deep pink (three steps away for red to my eyes) jelly. I had a lot of fun with this mani. First, I put on two coats of Kiss Off, then a layer of holographic glitter (a Jenna Hipp mini). Around the top and sides, I added a layer of a-England's Merlin for an extra spark. Lastly, I added a third coat of Kiss Off

With just one coat on top, the holo still works great. This has to be one of my favorite jelly sandwich looks I have done. Do you like to make jelly sandwiches?-I guess literally or figuratively? 

Macro Shot 

That's it for tonight, signing off................Terri



  1. I love jelly sammiches! Your technique though on this one is interesting...I don't think I've seen one quite like it before!

  2. Thank you, I guess it didn't dawn on me that they were particularly different.

  3. This is such a cool jelly sandwich! I love how you place Merlin!

  4. Thank you. This color also looks great on Zoya's Godiva.

  5. Thanks, I've glitter framed before and really like the effect.

  6. You'll have to explain jelly sandwich technique to me. Not sure I quite get it.