Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Like Love

Good Evening, 

This is a rare time for me to post. But this one just wouldn't wait!

I fell in love with one of Lynnderella's Valentine numbers and had to have it. I only have four of hers (including this one). There isn't going to be a lot of talk, just pictures.

I just love the neon colors of this polish and it can look great on about any color.

This is Like Love with Pritti NYC's Lady Betty Balfour and Signet Nail's Violet Femme.

I wanted separate bottle shots. Pritti NYC is a great polish and I don't see it around on blogs to much. But I know they do a lot of New York Fashion Week.  Priti NYC can be found here. Lady BB is described as a deep violet with a opalescent finish. It seems to be a tad streaky in a camera shot but I really don't notice that when I wear it. And I like the shimmer which Priti NYC doesn't mention. 

And now I have Signet Nail's Violet Femme. I will say up front that this one is going to get a post of it's own. I have become a "Lauren" fan. She is out of Mississippi and has a creative spark and sense of humor that I like. Signet Nails can be found on ETSY

Violet Femme is a lavender sheer jelly base with flashes of amethyst shimmer. It is one of her latest. Can we say gorgeous? As I mentioned, this one will be on by itself after this week is over.

Bottle Shot-Like Love

Macro-Like Love Over Lady Betty Balfour

That's it....I hope your enjoyed this post. I just love  Like Love. What do you think? And do you find a Lynn that you just can't live without?

Sleep tight,  Terri

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  1. I'll have to borrow this polish next Valentine's Day!