Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Valentine To Me From Rainbow Honey

Hello, one and all!
* 2/15-Just a note. I found out that this was the biggest preorder Rainbow Honey ever had and in fact sold out during the preorder. It does help to be on their mailing list to get deals like this.

Well, it has been forever and a day since I ordered anything from Rainbow Honey. They were the first non drugstore brand I purchased back in the early days. The last thing I bought for myself was the Equestrian mini collection. 

So when I got an email from them (I make sure I stay on their newsletter list) telling about their Valentine surprise box, I jumped. The email assured me that for $30 and free shipping, I would be getting at least $65 in product and I was going to love everything in the box. I took the chance and am I happy I did.

Imaginary Buttons (glitter topper) over Lady In Pink. I added some hand painted white hearts before I applied the top coat.

It's obvious by my top two photos, I am going to start with the two full size bottles of polish that Rainbow Honey made for this box. The bubblegum pink cream is Lady In Pink. This is the first straight up cream that I have ever had from them. It's not too thick and very opaque after two coats. It's very pretty and I will have to say I am warming up to wearing pink and this one is gorgeous for V-Day

 The top photo is the companion glitter topper Imaginary Buttons. It looks like pastry perfection. That has to be some of the best icing I have every seen!

Just Another Macro Shot

And all the rest:

Here's the rundown of what the box was packed with. I won't mention the two lacquers in this list, already covered them.

All Your Base- base coat fortified with vitamin e

Nail Honey Scented Top Coat-and back by popular demand

Cioccolato Fragola Sugar Lip Scrub-chocolate and strawberries flavored. I have never tried a lip scrub before. But this is yummy stuff and so I am adding it to my routine. 

Cioccolato Fragola Lip Balm-Rainbow Honey lip balms are exceptional and this one with it's Italian chocolate strawberries flavor is delicious.

Nail Honey Body Lotion-Also back by popular demand. You want to eat this scent. It reminds me vanilla sugar cookies. This lotion also aloe in it, a big plus for me. 

Nail Honey Scented Hand Soaps-cute guest soaps

Valentine's Day Cake Pop-It's peeking in at the very bottom right hand corner and only lasted long enough to get into the photograph (and it about didn't make that). I love cake pops and this one was no exception.

And I am closing with a shot of the cute soaps. 

That wraps this one up. Happy almost Valentine's Day. Take care and until we meet again......Terri 


  1. It is a bright and happy bubble gum pink :-)

  2. Nice set. I've been wondering about base coats. Should it be something specific or can you use a coat of Seche Vite to accomplish the same thing?

  3. That Nail Honey lotion is awesome! Looks and smells just like vanilla frosting. I have to resist the temptation to try a lick every time! : ))