Monday, March 9, 2015

Stress Management and Mars

Hello everyone, Today I am featuring a couple of polishes that I really like. I did buy both of these items. Have you tried Ginger + Liz?  I picked a couple of their polishes up at Ulta and finally got around to using one of them. This is Stress Management which is a deep teal.

Ginger + Liz makes a top notch product for the money. Stress Management is a thick gloss cream and can be a one coat polish. You can put two coats on if you want to but if stressed for time, one coat will do the job.

This blue does live up to blue's bad rap. I did have some staining. I used Duri Rejuvacote under this mani. I must have not gotten it thick enough on my thumb. Now I am dealing with a blue stain which I can't get off with my Zoya+.

And now, moving on. I decided to do some sunburst nail art using Colores De Carol's Mars. Colores De Carol is an Indie that has quite a few collections on her site.

Mars is part of her "When The Planets Align" collection and is a multichrome holographic top coat that runs from brown with either a red or purple tint to it. My ran more reddish than purple. It could be because I picked a blue rather than a black or violet to put it on.

Put over lighter polishes, it turns into this golden reddish tan.

This is Mars on top of Cult Nail's Baker. I wore this for an extended amount of time. It is just an easy color to wear, not overblown and goes with everything. It was very nice to work in.

That's it for this round. I spent a few days wearing both of these and can say they are durable. I have bought from Colores De Carol before. She has promp service and excellent quality polishes. I highly recommend her.

Here are the links to the shop's again:

Ginger + Liz

Colores De Carol

That it for today. Take care until we meet again (and I know that's dorky but I just think of anything else to say and I do mean it!) 



  1. very beautiful design- Mars looks lovely on the stress :)
    Have a nice afternoon Teresa :D

  2. Thanks,
    I was fun to mix and match these two ;-)

  3. Ah, that's the polish you got complimented on at the museum.

  4. Yep,that's the one, without the art work