Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wine Down by Piper Polish

Hello on this Hump Day Wednesday. I have a very quick little post this morning. It's a result of an Instagram photo I put up on Friday with my Iphone. I was sitting at a desk and thought the composition was good so snapped a pic. 

But I just didn't like how the pic showed this polish which is Wine Down by Piper Polish. You would think it was brown in my photo and I have the original photo down below. But the polish is so much more. 

Wine Down does have some brown tones to it. But it is really a purple brownish mauve with a scattered (mainly green) holo. Quite a different animal than just plain brown. 

Piper Polish now has a very limited shop on ETSY. Wine Down is not offered right now, which is a shame. Althought I did not have a problem, it sometimes seems that she has trouble with getting things shipped on time. 

 Last Fall I ordered a full bottle of her Spectraflair and Wine Down and received them within the week.


This is the original Instagram photo that made me decide to take a closer shot at this polish. 

Earlier in the post I mentioned Spectraflair. This is an equally gorgeous polish. It does not cut corners on linear holo. To check out what it looks like, here is the link to my post last Fall about it

The link to Piper Polish's shop on ETSY.

That's it for this round. So my friends take care until we meet again. I am busy with another Bonne Bell road trip and hopefully will have that out next week. I have been working at school more than usual, so things go a tad slower.

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  1. I do too.It has a lot going on. I hope she starts producing it again💗

  2. looks awesome, very sparkly- I love it!

  3. It is special. I don't think I have anything else quite like it.