Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Piper Polish's Spectraflair

Last weekend, I attended my first Kansas City Fashion Week event. One of my main decisions, of course, was what to wear for my nails.

I decided on Piper Polish's Spectraflair over black (Essence's Black Is Back).

Piper Polish is an Indie on ETSY. I found Piper Polish when I was searching for a Spectraflair polish. 

This particular top coat is made with the Course Grade Spectra-Flair 1500-35. This sounded pretty good to me, so I ordered it along with Wine Down. I will have to feature Wine Down in a later post. 

This polish has a good consistency. It  can go on as a one coater or more, depending on how dramatic you want your nails. I had a good experience with Piper Polish's  Spectraflair. And in bright light, it looks fabulous.

The fashion show had rather low lighting, so the Spectraflair spectrum really didn't show up during during the event. For the most part it looked like a dark metallic gray. 
Here's my daughter Rachelle (she's the young one on the left) and me (I'm the old one on the right) at Union Station. I wore basically black, silver and gray. The Spectraflair fitted in just perfectly. 

Well, the is it for this time around. Until the next, Take Care.................Terri


  1. This holo effect is really stunning. It seems really pigmented, I can barely notice the black base. Does it make a difference if you use any other colour as a base or is this spectraflair too pigmented to change the base hue?
    And you look wonderful Terri <3 love your shoes!

  2. I think how strong the holo looks depends on how many coats are painted on . I do know that I could not help myself and kept putting on more. They dry so fast and I just loved the stuff. I wanted to run an experiment and put a color on each nail and then a layer of SP. Don't know if I will have the time this week.

    Thank you for the kind complement. I debated for a while if I should ever put my picture in things. I don't think there are to many ladies my age that blog about nails and stuff. But I finally decided, I am what I am and have held together pretty well. And usually I only talk about polish that I wear in everyday life. if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to read my stuff.

    The shoes are Bandolinos. I got them off of Ebay for a steal.

  3. You know I had never heard of Spectraflair until you mentioned it. I can't remember where or when but I had no idea what you were talking about. Did a little research and found some on ETSY and decided to give it a try. So there you go.....