Monday, September 29, 2014

FeiFei And Denim

Today I am sharing two of my favorite blues  that I have worn lately.

The Polish Low Down

Zoya's Feifei

 FeiFei was part of that large Zoya order I got last May. So far I have shown Reese, Red Door Red, and Happi. Jemma is coming by itself pretty soon. 

FeiFei is a steel blue with gold and blue iridescence metallic glitter. As you move the color around, green, blue-green, and violet are also there. So although the blue is darker, there is a lot of color going on. Zoya has so many colors on their site, FeiFei might be missed. I don't think it really stands out in group but when I read the description, I figured it was my kind of color. 

FeiFei is thinner that what Zoya says. I love that it is this way. The picture above has three coats of FeiFei by itself. But in one of the pictures below, I have it over a periwinkle and black (on the ring finger). It gives FeiFei a richer and deeper feeling. This color has so much possibilities with what you can do with it.

piCture pOlish's denim

denim is the perfect medium blue (with a tad of violet). It also has silver micro-glitter and white flakies. I hope piCture pOlish keeps it in their repertoire for a long time because I think it is a "must have" for any blue lover's collection. Here in the states one can get it at Llarowe, of course. 

A close up showing the irregular white flakies.

Little Extras

Here is FeiFei over a dark blue on the farthest nail and a periwinkle on the two left nails. 

I wanted to keep on wearing FeiFie, so I added silver to the tips when they started wearing. The silver is "Silver Shimmer" by Spa Ritual.

These two blues are it for this time and until we talk again, take care..............Terri


  1. Thanks, they both have been around for a while but are still great colors

  2. These blues are gorgeous! I regret I didn't pick FeiFei, it's a very glorious one and looks great on you! And I wish I had Denim, I should add it to my WL.

  3. FeiFei doesn't stand out online. I got it because of the description. I was going after all the really creative polishes Zoya had and thought this was one. I read about denim right when I first got interested in polish (now going on two years). I read some big time blogger and she said this was a perfect blue and a must have polish. It sent me on the hunt. And back then it was hard to find. It's easier now. Can you get picture polish in Italy? It's pretty expensive here. That's probably why I only have three bottles.

  4. I can get Picture Polish from European stockists, a Dutch, a Belgian and a French one. I usually pick them from the Netherlands 'cause shipping costs are lower.
    Zoya's become really HTF here, online stockists who used to sell the brand around 7-9€ a bottle retired, no more Zoyas. There are a couple selling them 12+€ a bottle, but I honestly think it's quite too much so I quit.

  5. That is a ridiculous price for Zoya. You are going to hate this one. I get them directly from Zoya and wait until the have their 3 for $12 sale. That includes shipping. It happens about twice a year. But I can't get Koh and I bet you can. So things probably work out equal in the end.

  6. Well, you might not like what I'm about to say... KOH retails 15€ a bottle in the Netherlands, it's not available here and I honestly don't like them. I tried a couple some month ìs ago while I was in Amsterdam and I honestly didn't see anything special to justify that price :D

  7. That makes me feel better. I trust your judgment; you know the good stuff. So if I can't have it it's nice to know I'm not missing anything! LOL

  8. I've only tried peculiar ones in the display: a shimmer blue base with glassflecks and another similar one. I don't remember the names, but they looked really cute in the bottle and in swatches as well...anyway they were both so sheeeeeeeeeeer, and 15€ for a layering polish or for a 4-5coater, you know, I think it's a bit too much. There were a couple of holos with a great holographic effect, but the base colour was just ordinary so not worth at all that price. And then loads of cremes...and such a price for a creme is not my thing.