Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Louboutin Nails

Today's nails are a result of the Nail Polish Queen's challenge of Christian Louboutin. There has been a media buzz over his entering the nail polish market with some rather pricey polish. 

I first painted a layer of Zoya's Red Door Red (cream) and then topped it with Deborah Lippmann's darker red Stop And Stare (jelly) to get the color I wanted. 

I then:
  •  drew and L on my thumb, 
  • side view of a pump on my index finger
  • the toe of a pump on the middle finger
  • under heal on the ring finger
  • and on the pinky I drew a elongated hexagon that I noticed on Louboutin's bottles of polish

Zoya's Red Door Red, Pure Ice's Black Out, Deborah Lippmann's Stop And Stare


  1. I've added Disqus to this site. I have it with Time For Poodles and really like it's interface.

  2. I think the three middle patterns will show up on other things.