Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Light And Bright Summer Greens

Before Summer was over I wanted to wear and get in some beautiful light and bright greens.


Cult Nail's Thrive

 Thrive was part of Cult Nail's Spring Radiance collection this past spring. Cult Nails had some fabulous sales this summer and I made sure I picked Thrive up. This is a light mint green with teal shimmer. On top of that it has a slight texture and dries to a waxed finish. For me, it is a classic Cult Nail look and I love it. It can still be purchased at the Cult Nail website

Rescue Beauty Lounge's Fire Queen

The one brand that I have been really wanting this past year has been Rescue Beauty Lounge. I finally have a few in the stash. Fire Queen was part of the Fan 2.0 collection that came out during the late fall of 2013. Fire Queen is a light jadeite cream. It's inspiration comes from the vintage green glass and  Fire King cookware of the mid-20th century. It is very unique in it shade and being Rescue Beauty Lounge it goes on 

Floss Gloss's Glowstar

Floss Gloss's Glowstar is a cream that reminds me of those glow in the dark stars that you buy for the kids' rooms. This is probably my favorite of the four colors presented today. Glowstar was the one polish that attracted me to Floss Gloss which was created by two art students. Floss Gloss has a very unique website to visit and see their other lacquers. 

CrowsToes' Green Thumb Of Doom

 I got Green Thumb Of Doom in an Ebay auction last winter to support dog rescue. This is from the 2013 Spring THIS collection. It is still buy-able at Llarowe. Green Thumb is a brighter green shimmer polish with green micro-flakes. In the bottle I didn't think I would like it. But on, it is an entirely different thing. The micro-flakes get a silver look about them when in the sun and it is just stunning. This one will be around for awhile. 

 Nail Art

I wanted to keep Glowstar on a little longer and so added a quick design using Nuf-oh 56. 

I hoped you enjoyed my curated light and bright greens. Usually I just pick three, but it was harder this time so four made the cut. And all four of these polishes are cruelty free. I cannot find out 100% about Nfu-Oh.

So that is it until the next time............Terri

And here is a link to Norway Nails for CrowsToes and Cult Nails


  1. These are some Indie and Boutique American brands that I really like. CrowsToes and Cult Nails are available through Norway Nails for Euro friends.

  2. Cult Nails and Crows Toes are definitely my fave here. I've been longing for Crows Toes for a while now, it's almost time for me to get one!

  3. You need to check out her 9 realms collection. I think you would really like some of them.

  4. Niflheim and Huginn & Muninn *____*

    Oh my, I've got another serious problem now :D

  5. I'm with QueenMiSeRy :D
    Cult and Crows Toes are my faves ♥

  6. I think they are fab colors or I guess I would not have spent the money. But, for some reason, I just LOVE Glowstar.