Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pick And Mix #1-Blue/Green (Not Quite Teal) Gradient

Or as like to call it ,"Let's Go Find A Pearl". When I decided to use polishes named Aquadelic and Tahitian Pearl, I became obsessed with having a sea shell on my finger. 

Fall is starting here in the Mid-West, but I figure somewhere in the world people are looking for sea shells at this very moment. 

It is finally here, The Crumpet's Pick and Mix 52 Week Challenge. This is the first time I have ever taken part in anything like this. I am hoping this will get me of my kiester and make me try new techniques. Well, that's what I'm hoping.

Right off the bat, I had to do something I had never done or wanted to spend to much time doing; a sponged gradient. So friends, here were my steps:

  1. Painted on a base coat of China Glaze's Aquadelic
  2. Using a makeup sponge,  I layered on stripes of Aquadelic and Wet 'N Wild's Tahitian Pearl.
  3. @#*∞¬™˚√≈∂!!!!!!!!!-you get the idea, I hated it. It was terrible
  4. Watched a couple of YouTube videos-ahhhhhhhhh...OK
  5. Redid the problem areas
  6. Hand painted my seashell using the Stripe-Rite, Klean Color and China Glaze's Rainbow-that I get
  7. Added the pearl (left over stuff from the wedding)
  8. Added the sparkly for the sun shinning on the water.
 Now I feel better about it. And next week is a three color gradient. That should be interesting for me to tackle.

Here's The line up-It took quite a crew to get this one done.

This was quite the gathering of the clans. From left to right" Klean Color's Blue Metallic, China Glaze's Rainbow, CND's Sapphire Sparkle, China Glaze's Aquadelic, Wet N Wild's Tahitian Pearl, and Stripe Rite's silver glitter stripper.

This is a "Blog Hop" or I guess in the nail world is is a "Link Up". Check out the other ladies efforts below. 

That's it for this time around. So until we see each other again, take care............Terri


  1. This turned out to be a very pretty mani. Too bad you're not a fan of the sponging YET hahaha. I hate the clean up but the outcome is really pretty! Good luck with the 3 color gradient, I'm sure you nail it!!

  2. Well, I would put it down as "pretty adequate". I was disappointed in how it turned out in the picture. But it is the first one. Hopefully. I will be a better judge of what works and what doesn't.

  3. You did great :) I really like it!

  4. Thank you Eliza. I appreciate the compliment!

  5. Thank You. I appreciate the complement.

  6. Thank you Eliza. I was a little more work than I thought it would be but I do like the look of a gradient and want to get better at it.

  7. Thanks Eliza. I took longer than I was expecting. But I really like the look of a gradient and want to get better at it.