Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Three Color Gradient + Pink = Breast Cancer Awareness Mani

This is my design for the second week of The Crumpet's  52 week challenge. Yes, there are three different polishes in this gradient. I used Pure Ice's Happy Hour (cream), Twinkle (shimmer), an Can't Stop (cream). This is a very subtle gradient but it is there and this time I really like what I did.

 I picked these Pure Ice polishes up a various times during that dark and dreary February/March we were having in Missouri last year. I put them away and forgot about them for a few months.

I do realize that these three pinks are really leaning towards the coral. But saw an article last month on Sylvia's 40+ blog about wearing pink and orange together and really liked the look. So I thought I would interpret it in a mani.

Other things that I used were Nfu-Oh's 48, white acrylic paint and my little pink fraken polish. Unfortunately, after I painted my ribbon I dropped my fraken on the floor and lost most of it. 

I was so much happier this time with my gradation. Putting scotch tape around my nails sure helped with clean up. 

From left to right: my pink fraken, Happy Hour, Twinkle, Can't Stop and Nfu Oh 48.

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  1. The coral/orange & pink combination goes really well together!

  2. Thanks, I thought it would work. I think I am going to wear this one for a few days.