Tuesday, September 29, 2015

All In The Name Of Plaid

Hello, and how is everyone today? I have a very jewel tone mani today. It was created to join the WNAC2015 challenge on Instagram. I have no idea what WNAC stands for. Does anybody know? Please tell me if you do!

So getting back to the challenge. The months theme is jewel tone colors and the last challenge of the month is plaid.

Nail Art Nation's is also having a theme of lines for September. And plaid is nothing but a pattern of lines. So I am also using this as another line mani. Two birds with one stone, as they say!

The base polish is Man Eater by Ruby White Tips.
The wide dark grey/blue stripe is Josephine by Julep.
The small black stripes are Black Ink by Salon Perfect. However I did not use their stripper brush-used my own.
The gold lines are in my every faithful Stripe Rite gold and I did use their brush. I love Stripe Rite's brushes. 
Finally, the glitter topper is Lobster Party by Lynnderella.

The base, Man Eater by Ruby White Tips.

The whole party line up.

Well, that' it for this time. So until next time Shine On!


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