Thursday, November 19, 2015

Philly Loves Lacquer-Three Single Batch Prototypes

Hi All,

I belong to the Philly Loves Lacquer Collective. One of the perks is that sometimes Ester gives us some pretty good deals on polishes that the general public doesn't even hear about. 

For Halloween, she let us have three Single Batch Prototype polishes for an amazing price. Here are the three that I was sent and for once, I am showing some colors that I recently have gotten. Usually, that takes me about a year!

First up is SBP 330. This one is a pretty petal pink that is filled with silver and color shifting shimmer. There is the additional element of irregular shaped color shifting flakes. It took me three coats to get it to the level of coverage that I wanted. This would have been perfect for October and, of course next Spring. 

I love the way the blue shifts play against the pink hue. I did notice that a few of the larger flakes didn't want to lie flat. But, I didn't have a top coat on either and imagine this would have been taken care of with that final step. 

The snaps of SBP 330 were taken in my light-box. 


A little closer view..........

And finally a macro.........

The next polish I want to show you is SBP 332. This is a greyed violet filled with scattered holo and dries to a satin finish. Of the three, this one was my problem child. It seemed a little extra thick and I had trouble handling it. Eventually we got along, but it took some time on my part. In some lighting, I can really see grey but in the sun, it's shows it's more violet side. I had a sunny day when I took these so these are natural sun (outside) shots.

And a closer view. 

And finally the macro.

Having a satin finish, I wanted to see what 332 looked like with a top coat. I would keep it in a satin topcoat because the glossy didn't help at all. If anything, it lessened the holo effect.

And finally, my favorite of the group, SBP 329 or what I like to call "My Little Kumquat". This polish is a red orange crelly IMO filled with micro silver and orange glitter with a bit of red irregular glitter added. "My Little Kumquat" has an also metallic look to me and I think it is the glitter combination in.  I absolutely adore this one! 

I'm back in the light box for this one.

A closer view.

And the macro.

I had to throw some Kumquats in.

I wanted to see what a gradation would look like with the pink and orange. Rather good, I would say. 

And finally, I decided to add a tape design to the mix. I'm not sure now well this works. The purple was taking a change because purple does have blue in it so I wasn't sure how they would really look next to each other. But nothing ventured, nothing gained-right? I did get a compliment on it while I was wearing it. So someone like it. HaHa. 

So that's it for today. If I have sparked your interest in Philly Loves Lacquer, here are a couple of links you should check out.

PHLL's Web Page

PHLL's Facebook page

And finally, the link to the Collective. It is a closed group and you have to request a membership. 

So, until next time, my friends take care and think Shiny. 


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