Friday, January 15, 2016

Polish, The Accessory

I think this post is a turning point in my blogging life. I have had plenty of turning points since 2009. That is when I first starting blogging on Meadowtree. What started out to be a gateway for me to practice my photography actually became three different venues. 

It's time to return to my roots. I will always love polish and will always consider it part of my overall style. But it is not an end to itself. At my age I want to do other things. I will return to B'nails occasionally, when I need to post photo for my Pinterest boards.

So here goes. This is Study In Black and Grey #1. These are the accessories that I wore to the symphony last weekend.

KOCO's Set In Stone, a darker grey creme.

For the symphony, I added some top glitter with Salon Perfect's Black Diamond

And that is it for a while, Take care Terri

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