Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Hi All, I'm back again with another design/ this one is for the Claire Estelle 8 Challenge on IG. The theme was Winterberries. I went with pastel berries on white stems with a gold background. I used a brush and dotting tool.

The polishes I used were:

  • Mod Lacquer's Golden Sunbeam (from Mid-Century Mod Collection) and the link is to her FB page. She closed shop.
  • Zoya's Cindy (from their Redbook Limited Edition Holiday Trio)
  •  Black Dahlia's Capital Rose Garden, African Violets and South Congress Bats
  • Wet N Wild's Hallucination 

I has been really cloudy around here so all my photos are taken  inside with my lights. I sort of wanted it sort of Japanese and went with a pretty subtle look. One would think I was having a hard time leaving Christmas. HaHa

I already had the gold nails. I love this combo of Cindy on top of Golden Sunbeam.

And finally, here's Mod's Lacquer's Golden Sunbeam. Mod is another great polish maker that folded this Fall. I miss her whole take on the polish scene.

Hey, this is a quick post because today is the day that the designs are due for this Claire Estelle. I hope you enjoyed this one. Anyone else love to wear gold on their nails or do you consider it a "special occasion" only color?

So until next time, take care. Terri

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