Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's Raining Men!

Here is a new "bring over" from my Meadowtree blog to B..Nails. I did this during colder weather but this blue is an all season color in my book.

The two combined-I repainted Raining Men on the tips to show the difference of the two polishes. 

I went a little blue this weekend. I have wanted to wear these two together for a long time and this was the weekend to do it. The two polishes that I combined in this mani were Spa Ritual's It's Raining Men and Mentality's Holo.

Spa Ritual's It's Raining Men is a silvery blue that is great on it's own. I just like Spa Ritual. It is the only mainstream cosmetic company that has the Leaping Bunny logo. Peta lists it as also being Vegan. At the time of this update I have eight Spa Ritual (see my stash above for the ones I have) colors and have a sneaky feeling that is just the beginning of this love affair. 

It's Raining Men is a beautiful polish on its own.

Mentality is one of my favorite Indie brands on ETSY. They offer great service and get back immediately with you with any questions that you have about their products. Some polishes are developed with certain social causes in mind and with a purchase a certain amount of money is donated to that cause. The causes that you can support through Mentality are: breast cancer awareness, ADHD awareness, PTSD awareness, child abuse awareness, and domestic violence awareness. I know that I will be making more purchases from them in the future. 

Mentality's HOLO which is a holographic topcoat adds an incredible look on top of It's Raining Men

Close up of Mentality's HOLO

I love the look these two give my mani. Here are the links to the various sites that I have mentioned this time around. 

Leaping Bunny
Mentality Polish
Peta's Beauty Without Bunnies 
Spa Ritual

Both Spa Ritual and Mentality are cruelty free.

So until next time and I hope today brings you a beautifully polished life.......Terri

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