Friday, November 22, 2013

Sparked, Black Out, And Matted

Sparked, Black Out, And Matted

This is a re-post from the Meadowtree Journal. 
It was originally published 2/22/13

Sparked looked like a Peacock in a bottle when I saw it on the store shelf. At home, on my sample, the Peacock looked sort of forlorn. I decided to try a base of black as an undercoat and now I think I see on my hands what I originally was attracted to. Eventually, I want to try Sparked on top of a dark blue and a deep green also.

For fun, I matted out all but the tips. I can’t help but play with reflective and non-reflective surfaces. That black thing on my pinkie is actually a flower that I stamped. I finally got a stamp that looked like something. Stamping has been one of those disappointments. Given my past profession, I thought I would be a shoe in-not. Some things take a lot of practice, I guess. 

The Lineup-I think any black would work-I just happen to of had this one

That’s it this time around; until I come up with something new.

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