Monday, September 22, 2014

Julep's Katie And Avni, Two Just Made For Each Other

I rarely purchase a Maven box from my Julep subscription (purchasing is optional). But August was a no brainer. The August box offered two polishes that in my eyes were perfectly paired and Julep threw in a gel liner pencil to boot. 

Katie and Avni in a sponged/painted gradation

Both polishes are a new oxygen based formula. I have Julep's Oxygen and use it regularly on my toe nails except sandal season (then I have to paint my toes). So I was really interested in these two.

Avni (left) and Katie (right)


According to Julep, Katie is an orchid iridescent chrome. I am glad I didn't read the reviews until after I used it. Katie gave me no grief. But others had a horrible experience. Many times this polish managed to get just one and two stars from customers. Phrases like,"goopy, like glue, and worst nail polish I have ever bought", were some phrases that I remember. Thick, yes-but I was just very careful. And the color is oh so gorgeous!


Julep says Avni is a African Violet shimmer. The shimmer is the same color orchid as Katie. In all, it makes Avni a real stunner.

I did have trouble with using the sponge technique with these two. Avni just would not go on as strong as I wanted. That is why I ended up using brush and sponge to get the strong purple color on the tips. 

I had to play with these two. Here's a little abstract. The orchid shimmer in Avni really shows up. 

Well, that's it for this time. Until the next, take care............Terri

P.S. I didn't get October's box. Nothing thrilled me. 


  1. You're right, these two seem just made to be a couple! Love them together, both on your nails and in your abstract creation <3
    I've experienced the same with some China Glaze from the Sunsational collection. It's true, they're not that amazing formula China Glaze got us used to in the past, but they're not even that bad many bloggers told in their posts. All you need to do is to pay some more attention to enjoy some great colours with a little tricky formula.

  2. I will have to say, I haven't bought any China Glaze all year. We do have here a subsidiary of Chain Glaze here called Salon Perfect. I have picked up a few of those.

  3. Gorgeous lacquers and perfect combo. It does look a bit thick but we really care when these are stunners?!