Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Slice And Dot-Black And White

Hello Everyone,

Today's post is a quick one. The Nail Polish Queen's has a challenge this week that I just couldn't resist. NPQs is my favorite community on Google+. It has four very active and involved moderators. One of the highlights is the weekly challenge. This week's challenge was for a black and white design and I couldn't resist.

This was a very easy design. The steps were:

1. painted nails white
2. place straight nail vinyls at opposing angles.
3. Took my largest dotting tool and made large black
   dots on the white areas but
    made sure they touched the black.
4. Made the white dots sightly set back from the 
    black, making sure they cross over to the black.

I used Orly's Black Vinyl, China Glaze's White On White. The nail vinyl's were by Nail Vinyls.

Short and sweet, that's it. Take care until next time.

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