Monday, March 23, 2015

Venice Beach-Road Trippin" With Bonne Bell

Hello, One and all. Welcome to stop three on this Road Trip I am having. Today we are in Venice Beach. Venice Beach is a pretty creative and artistic community so I went a little crazy with how many times and how many ways I wore this polish!

Let's start out with the polish itself. Bonne Bell's Venice Beach is a pretty Apricot cream. I think Apricot is my favorite color of all and I will admit to having a lot of varieties of this hue. So it goes without saying that this one is my favorite of the Bonne Bell collection. What a perfect color to start out Spring with.

Venice Beach seemed a bit thinner than Honolulu and Napa Valley, so I did use three coats. But, I will say that many of my Apricot polishes seem to be thinner that usual. It dries to a high gloss and does not have streaks. I will just mention that like the first two polishes that I have visited, this one does not have shimmer.

Here is Venice Beach solo.

I ran across the states and picked up Miami. I will talk more about Miami when it is it's turn. But just know, it is a great accent polish for the collection and this will not be the last time it will pop up. Below, I have just taken a striper and made a vertical  line off center. I then filled the narrower side in with Miami. Miami adds an icy golden hue to whatever you put it one. And it reacts differently to different types of light, which is why I put in more than one shot.

With such a creative community visited, I had to do a bit of stamping on Venice Beach too. This is the Konad M63 stamping plate with Konad white.

And finally, with Zoya pushing the satin look, I wanted to check what Venice Beach would look like with Cult Nail's Wax That. That is all I am going to say about that. Either you like a duller look or you don't. It's obvious that I do or I would not have Wax That. It is a more sophisticated look.

This ends the Road Trip for today. I spent a lot of time wearing Venice Beach. It was pretty rainy and cold when I was working with this one and what a visual "pick me up". I love the theme and color of this polish. If you see it, pick it up. For the price, it's a great color and polish.

So take care, stay well and happy. SPRING IS HERE!



  1. Love them! Nice colour - it makes me miss the summer :)

  2. Thanks, Summer is just right around the corner 🌞

  3. gorgeous shade, I love your stamping design :)

  4. Thanks, I tried a little of everything:-)