Friday, June 5, 2015

Getting Elegant With Floss Gloss

Hello on this Friday! Everybody ready for the weekend? I decided to spend my weekend wearing soft with a little bling. These two babies are Moon Baby and Dimepiece from Floss Gloss.

So first, lets discuss the polish. 

Moon Baby-Moon Baby is, in my opinion, is a very light greyed blue. I have a lot of blues but nothing like this one. It's rich but subtle in color. Moon Baby's formula seem to be on the thin side to me. Usually, with Floss Gloss, I get great coverage with one coat and put on two just because. But with Moon Baby, I needed three. 

Dimepiece-Dimepiece is a holographic metallic silver glitter. A lot of people make these. But what makes this one special is that it is made up of fine and smaller pieces of glitter. It is like that had someone in mind who likes to paint small intricate lines. I could so see a spider web with Dimepiece for Halloween. 

A slightly closer view.

I took most of these photos yesterday. I woke up today and decided that I needed one totally blinged out nail!

And I love this look with my new fun ring. This is going to be my IG Monday Mani next Monday.

Well, that's it for today. Is anyone else smitten with Floss Gloss? Floss Gloss was created by two art school graduates who have a different take on polish and presentation. I'm up to 20 of their colors and am still lemming for Perf.

Take care and have a safe but fun weekend. Until we meet again, POLISH ON! I know that's corny, but I just can't think of anything really witty to say at the end. 

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