Monday, August 3, 2015

July Round Up

Today's post is a roundup of the my nails from July. 

 I started the month out with OPI's Elephantastic Pink layered with Rainbow Honey's Hanami. This was the only Throwback Thursday I did for the month.

Then it was time for a July 4th design. Took this quick pic with my Iphone.
They are both Zoya (Liberty and Red Door Red).

Next, I used some of my Zoya's Pixie Dusts. This is Stevie.

Time for the Hobby Polish Bloggers July Link Up. This month it was Starry Night Sky.

I decideded to try some of my Salon Perfects. I really didn't care for their quality to much although I really like these two colors; Bellini and 
Flamingo Flair. 

Next came some free brushing with Signet Nails. Lauren closed shop which was very sad for me. I love her polishes. 

A chalkboard design using Signet Nails again. This polish was graphite infused. Totally cool in my eyes. One of the more original ideas I've seen. Those are yoga poses if you can tell.

A gradient, yes, using Signet Nails.

Next, I went back to wearing a Pixie Dust. This is Arabella.

The last mani of the month was another Signet Nail one. This time I used Witches In Stitches and Violet Femme.

And that is that and take care. Terri

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