Monday, December 7, 2015

Two From Illamasqua-Swatching My Stash

Hello Nailistas!

I'm back with another stash swatch. This time it is two of my Illamasquas. I only started getting Illamasqua when HauteLook (which is Nordstrom The Rack) started offering them a few times. 
It takes a while to get the order. And you need to get to the sale pretty early, because things get sold out quick. People just love Illasmasqua, especially when it's half price. 

The first photo is in natural light and the second photo is in my light box.

Scarab came out in 2010 and still in the lineup so I figure it has to be a classic. This is a deep vampy ruby red that has an incredible rich shimmer. It has a tad brown tone to it and has that dark at the corners mysterious look. This is one of the best reds I have. Love It!


Next up is Bacterium from the 2011 Toxic Nature Collection. The name alone made me want this polish. I mean bacteria is everywhere so why not have it on your nails! This is a frost taupe with blue shimmer. So............oo different, even after five years. This is a neutral with quite an original twist. 

Both photos are in natural sunlight.

So, until next time, my friends take care and think Shiny. 


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