Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Today I have a design using Zoya cream polishes. These polishes are Heather, Caitlin, and Christinna.

The base coat is Heather. The lines are a mixture of 80% Heather and 20% Caitlin (approximately). Once the two were mixed together they were thinned with Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner (Sally's Beauty). I was using a nail art brush and wanted better flow and found it necessary to thin the polish. Christinna was used to fill in the opposing areas of the plaid. Seche Vite was my top coat.

I wanted a multi lined plaid. But, my nails are a bit shorter now, and I had to go "light" on how many lines I used. I can see me using variations of this design in the future. 

Heather, Christinna, and Caitlin

Design Closeup

That is it for this time around. I know people have Zoya, but has anyone ever used these colors together? .....Terri

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