Thursday, May 22, 2014

No Miss's Cape Haze Crypto With Variation

No Miss is a brand new to my collection. However, it is a brand that I have seen on cruelty free and vegan lists when I research. I just never pursued  getting it. When I was shopping at one of my favorite organic grocery stores in the city, there it was. So I had to try one. No Miss is a Florida company. All of their polishes are named after Florida landmarks and towns. My sister lives in Florida. I am there at least once a year. Needless to say, Cape Haze Crypto will not be my last No Miss polish.


No Miss Cape Haze Crypto-This is a frosted yellow green and I think gorgeous for the Spring and Summer. I know frosted polishes are a bit passe, but I like this. It went on a bit streaky, but after a second coat and top coat, I didn't think the streaks were that noticeable.  It wore nicely. I had it one for two days and then decided to do a change up.


First up, I coated my nails with a matte topcoat. I used Hard Candy's Matte-ly In Love. I wanted to have a contrast of finishes.

Using Pure Ice's Splash and a waded up piece of plastic wrap, I created a simple gradation on the lower half of my nails. Splash is a light blue heavily shimmered polish. It is a bit on the sheer side, but that was perfect for what I was doing. 

Using a dotting tool and Zoya's Christinna, I made random dots; sort of saw them as bubbles, I think. Christinna is a sheer pearly (slightly greyed white). I think it has been discontinued, as it is not to be found on their site. 

I don't think Hard Candy makes Matte-ly In Love anymore. But there are plenty of matte clear coats around.

My extravagant tools!

 If you would like to window shop at No Miss, here is the LINK
That's it for this time............ and have a happily polished life, Terri

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