Monday, September 8, 2014

There Was A Wedding

 Well, the wedding has come and gone. My baby is married. We worked on nail ideas earlier this summer and this is what she decided on.

 I am sharing two nails from the wedding. The first is Rachelle's, the bride. And I am proud to say she did them herself.  I can't show you the polishes because, although mine, they are at their apartment and they are in the Dominican Republic for their honeymoon. 


But I can tell you what she used. On four fingers she has used Priti NYC's Empress Tree. The accent nail is Spa Ritual's Heliotrope (now discontinued). I will have to admit, I am not sure what she did the stamping in. But the stamping plate is Konad M71.

The pearls are found on Ebay. They are shipped from China but they only took two weeks to get here.

And Now To My Nails

I had already worn Koco's Open Mica Night and Butter London's Lillibeth's Jubilee together earlier this summer and talked about them together HERE.

I also mentioned that had some self adhesive rhinestones that I had picked up a while back at all places, Hancock Fabrics.  Well, I finally wore them. And personally I think they were an 85% fail. They looked good for about 15% of the day. They at least hung in there for the wedding service. But during the reception, they started having problems (like parts falling off). I finally got frustrated and just pealed the darn things off!

But the next day, I had fun with the base and will talk about that in my next regular post. It is an idea I had been thinking about for a while. 

My oldest daughter, Michelle, wore a single coat of Zoya's Payton. She was working on making her dress until the last moment, so even that she had polish on was amazing! 

 Day Before-Decorating For The Reception And Wedding Rehearsal

  The Friday before the wedding was a work day for all of us. There was the reception to decorate for and then later, the wedding reception. Of course, the rental people were two hours late and some of the stuff was wrong and that took a trip across town to correct.

These are the nails I had on for that day. This is not a design but some dry brush technique. After a base of Orly's Pink Waterfall, I did a dry brush technique using Salon Perfect's Pocket Full Of A Posies. It is finished off with a top coat of Lynnderella's Love, Lace and Lilacs.

And here is the line-up. I haven't done this for awhile. The polish is in front of one of the eighty tissue paper pom-poms that I made for the ceiling of the reception. I made sure every young lady went home with at least two for their room.
Well, that's it for this time. Until the next, Take care................Terri.



  1. Beautiful mani's. Congrats with the wedding!!!! ♥

  2. Thanks, it was really a fun wedding. I wasn't in charge of everything and was able to relax and enjoy myself. I had my bit but that was it.

  3. Thoroughly loved my nails, the day of and for days later. That Konad plate Mom listed above is quite versatile if you're looking for a lacey design. I also really loved the little faux pearl stones we got, which came in 3 different sizes (placement was also easy, just a small dot of Seche Vite where I wanted them and placed them with tweezers). The largest I put on my big toes over a layer of dark purple. The smallest pearls integrated perfectly with the lace pattern I used on my thumbs. If using the stones though, I highly recommend adding a good smear of top coat, such as Seche Vite, to set them. Otherwise, they can pop off fairly quickly. The day we left for our honeymoon, I quickly brushed on another layer of topcoat, just for a little extra strength, and to protect the iridescent film on the pearls, which can wear off a bit. I can only bet that a gel clear coat woild have made them last even longer. Have to try that experiment in the fututre.

  4. And stamping polish was white Konad. I sort of forgot that she had that too

  5. Awww, I love all the manicures you've shown here. They're all so elegant *__*
    But if I am to choose I cannot resist to yours with purple rhinestones. It's awesome!
    Congrats again on the wedding and my best wishes to the new family!

  6. But the self adhesive drove me crazy. Looking back, I wish I had put a top coat on them. That might have made them behave.

  7. I've never tried any self adhesive anything so far, but I can imagine! Well, now you time :)