Sunday, November 23, 2014

Golden Fall Leaves

Hello on a Sunday.

This is a rare one. I usually don't post on a Sunday but today is special. I am hooking up with other members of The Hobby Polish Bloggers for a "Fall Nail Linkup".

We could do anything we wanted. I chose to create a design using one of my favorite brands, Nubar. The base color of my design is Nubar's Wildlife which is a gorgeous duochrome that flashes from green to bronze. 

After applying Wildlife, I stamped simple leaves using Mentality's ProsperKonad's Light Bronze and HB21 stamping plate. This provided a base of leaves.

I then painted larger outlines of leaves with my Stripe Rite gold. And that's it.

I love Nubar's Wildlife and had to throw in some extra shots. 

This color is so perfect for Fall. I know it can be found on it own or with the Going Green Set that it is a part of. I will tell you I bought my set off of Ebay. I would give you a link to Nubar, but they seem to be having trouble with the site today. At least, I couldn't get anywhere on it.

The Lineup

The Going Green Collection


And now a word about our sponsor. I have been a member of the Facebook group Hobby Polish Bloggers for not quite a year. It's a great group of ladies and I have learned so much from the more experienced bloggers. I am so happy that we are now having a monthly blog hop.  

Check down below to see some other beautiful nail art.  

As usual, until we me again, take care and shine on....................


  1. totally agree. Nubar has some of the best duoc's out there I think

  2. Wow, that Nubar polish is like Fall in a bottle! So pretty!

  3. Exactly-What a perfect way of putting it!

  4. Wildlife beautifully epitomizes Fall!

  5. I agree. I think it turns colors just like a tree in the Fall

  6. That is why Nubar is one of my favorites.

  7. Gorgeous fall leaves nail art and the Nubar is so pretty!