Wednesday, December 3, 2014

52 Week Pick N Mix # 10-Camo and Green

This weeks Pick N Mix called for Camo and Green as the two promps. I added an extra challenge for me. It was to use every lacquer in my The New Black Safari collection. I found this set on the clearance rack at Ulta. And it had a "you got to take me home" price on it ($3.95). I feel that The New Black is overpriced but for 4 bucks, I'll try one.

It did make quite a different and creative design. It looks like "Disco Camo". Personally, I really like how it came out, especially when view from a little distance. Check my last pic. But I think this is going to be one of those you either love it or hate it thing.

So here are the colors and what I did with them.

1. Silver Metal-a metallic silver, was the base (except for the accent nail)

2. Ivory Tusk is an off white cream. I first created 
    horizontal lines with this one. 

3. Parrot Green is a dark green cream. More lines
    were added with Parrot Green. The entire ring
    finger was painted with Parrot Green.  

4. Elephant Hide was next. This is a brown/black 
    crelly with gold glitter. It was hard to work with
    this one. I just added small blobs.
5. And finally, Texture Gold which is jagged gold and 
   green glitters suspended  in a clear base. I brushed 
   this lightly over everything with extra on the ring 

And that is it. 

A Close Up-Makes A Rather Nice Abstract, I Think

Here's the pic I snapped right after doing them. 

Well, I've come to the end of another visit. Hope you enjoyed this one. I will have to admit, The New Black sets are fun to play with. And I guess I like camo if it is a little glitzy. But that's not really camouflage is it? I guess I will call it pseudo-camo.

Take care until we see each other again....Terri G


  1. The best camo I've seen so far! That's really pretty and I'm a lover :D

  2. Thank you, I chuckled after I did it and dubbed it "my party camo"