Friday, October 23, 2015


I decided to take part in a mani swap challenge sponsored by Nail Art Nation. I got Dante Bianchino who had done some houndstooth nails that I admired. I had always wanted to try houndstooth and thought I would eventually stamp some. But she had hand painted hers so that's what I did.

Dante's nails were black on white. But I decided to put them on a self made holo background. I first painted my nails with OPI's Moon Over Mumbai and topped that with Piper Polish's Spectaflair. I then painted the houndstooth (using a tutorial) and wish I had made my design a little larger. It was hard in the end with the final lines. But, I kept having trouble with placement when I made them larger. I am not too happy with them. But it is what it is. Next time, I will try to stamp them because I know I have a plate. 

I am also using this for the WNAC2015 on Instagram so I am just blogging about it today. 

Here is Dante's photo and design. 

Well, that's it.  Think Shiny. 


Here's one showing the thumb too.

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